857 Belmont Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205

ExtraSpace Storage 

Interior Self Storage & Exterior Façade Upfit – Charlotte, NC

Project Description:

The Eastway Self Storage project was created by the owners of the old Walmart Center on Eastway Drive.  The current tenants in the old Walmart space left a voice of open space along the back side of the building.  The owners developed into Self Storage.  The 50,000 square foot of back space was converted to climate controlled self storage – 400 plus units.  The project was scheduled to be completed in 120 days to meet the owner’s goals.  Budgets were kept in tact throughout and timelines met.

Gross Project Size: $600,000

Project Role: General Contractor

Services Performed:

> Design Consulting
> Budgeting & Estimating

> Value Engineering

> Subcontractor Management

> Certificate of Occupancy

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