857 Belmont Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205

Shurtape Technologies

Interior Office Upfit & Exterior Façade Upfit: Hickory, NC

Project Description:

The Shurtape headquarters' office project was taking an existing building that had, in the past, been four car dealerships housed under 100,000 square foot roof.  The interior design represents the young corporate environment at Shurtape.

This project features an indoor basketball court, exterior walking track, new marketing offices, open feel environment, and corporate offices. The project is scheduled to be completed in 120 days to meet the owner’s goals.

Gross Project Size:  $1,500,000

Project Role:  General  Contractor

Services Performed:

> Design Consulting
> Budgeting & Estimating

> Value Engineering

> Subcontractor Management

> Certificate of Occupancy

> Operational Start-up

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